How to show grasshopper in taskbar in windows 10

HI guys,

is there a way to make grasshopper window show it’s icon in the taskbar - if it has one that is?
i installed latest update of Rhino-inside(2021-17.00 Build 1.0.0007) on Revit 2020, on windows 10.
I like the fact that, unlike Dynamo, grasshopper has it is own window that is not always on top of Revit’s window. But what i don’t like, that i cannot see an icon for it in the taskbar. So it can be open but i would not know it since it has not visible icon.
Is there a switch for it somewhere to enable viewing it in taskbar?

Hi -

No, there isn’t any way to show Grasshopper on the taskbar.

is there a place to make a request for that for future releases?.. i just think it is very hands.

Try running the TestGrasshopperWindowStyle command in Rhino. This adjusts the grasshopper window so it acts as an independent window and is available on the task manager. I made this the default behavior for Grasshopper in Rhino 8.

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i am in Revit, so how do i access the command line to enter the command you gave me.
Apologies, i am new to Rhino and to RIR still going thru tutorials.

Open Rhino, inside of Revit to access the command line.

Guys, that’s beautiful. it works great, and i do not even have too re-run the command every time i open Revit.
thanks for the quick response

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