HELP, Grasshopper timer block not appearing in taskbar

I’m using Rhino 6

Whenever I place a timer component onto the canvas the corresponding green check/red circle has stopped appearing in my taskbar. I have no idea why this has happened and it’s been working for as long as I can recall with no issue whatsoever.

The only changes I’ve made recently are to install trial versions of VisualArq and Clayoo in Rhino 6.

I thought that maybe this had done something so I opened up Rhino 5 and tried dropping a timer onto the canvas in grasshopper and it still failed to appear in the taskbar. I really need this component to work for an important definition.

Any thoughts at all anyone?

Is the timer connected to something?

Is it located on the fold-out portion of the task icon tray?

No, it usually does appear there but isn’t appearing there or anywhere else now

ok nevermind, yep it wasn’t connected, I am a complete sleep deprived idiot, sorry for wasting everyones time, you make a remarkable product,

Thank you

Don’t worry:

  • I’ve been using GH since it was EH,
  • have used the timer countless times,
  • taught GH in academia and industry for 8ish years,
  • work for McNeel…
  • etc etc

and I literally did the same thing yesterday.