How to set transparency map for rhino 5

Hi! All,

I am trying to change apply the below picture as a render material onto a surface. The thing that I am trying to do here is to make the blue and black parts solid and the white part transparent; however, it seems rhino 5 would always automatically make the blue and black parts transparent and the white part solid ( the exact opposite of what I want). I don’t know if there is a way to control the transparency map to make it do what I want( blue and black part solid; white parts transparent) ? Thank you!

Hi! all,

here is how it looks like right now ( which is

the opposite of what I what)

In the texture/image map in the assigned material look in the Advanced settings at the bottom of the Materials panel (show that panel from the Panels menu) for the image map. There’s an Invert option that should do the trick.

got it! Thank you! Here is what it looks like now. Exact what I am looking for. This helps a l


looks cool… the blue color isn’t as opaque as the black lines… I like that.