Creating transparent sections in a mapped image

Hi everyone,

I am new to Rhino7 and having a hard time creating a transparent portion in an image I am mapping. When I used Rhino 5/6 and rendered with Flamingo, I could create a texture and select a color that would become transparent when rendered, essentially like a green screen. In Rhino7 I am rendering with the Rhino renderer and when I create a material I can’t figure out how to make a certain color transparent. I have a stamped metal image where I have taken all of the holes and colored them green in PS. In the past when I upload this image to Rhino I can select the green and set it to transparent, and when I apply this texture to a surface I get a mock stamped metal look without having to create the physical holes in the surface. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this in Rhino7. Any ideas?

Hello - To punch holes in the object, use a black/white texture in the transparency channel.


Thanks Pascal. Does this feature only create circles? I have specific stamp/ punch patterns that I am trying to replicate

Hello - I just happened to have an image with dots handy - you can use any shape.


Ahh, got it. Thanks so much!