Change Object Transparency in Command Line

I have an object in a Rhino file.
I would like to change its transparency with some number (say 0.5) using the Materials Command like the following:

However, i don’t know how to proceed.

Thanks in advance

Hello -
a macro like this -

! _-Properties _Pause _Material _Object _Rhinoceros _Transparency 50 _EnterEnd

should help


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it works perfectly =D
BTW, I always wonder why _Pause is added sometimes in the line

Thanks again

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Macro works great. Is there any way to have it do this with the “use color mask” checked, as you would in the materials panel?

yes, you will have to use the TransparancyMap option and assign a texture

Thanks for the reply! For some reason my alias doesn’t seem to work unless a click on the transparency slider. After this it works great, but it means that it’s not really much of a shortcut. Here’s my macro below for reference:

! _-Properties _Pause _Material _Object _Rhinoceros _TransparencyMap Filter On OnOff On BlendAmount

And then you put in the transparency level