How to set scale to inches

Hello, I’m new to Rhino and just downloaded version 5 to my mac. There doesn’t seem to be many video tutorials out for it yet… Anyone know where to find them if they exist? I also can’t find where to set the scale in inches…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

@Philip_Mast - I’m new myself too.
I like these tutorials (AND PDFs in the first one):

Please keep me posted if you find good tutorials! Thanks!
Re: Inches
Open your file from a template. It will give you several options, also inches.


Also, if you want to change units on an existing document, go to File => Settings. Choose the Units tab (has a yellow ruler icon). Then choose “Model” or “Page” (probably you want to use Model), and change to the desired units.

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Have anyone ever worked in NANOMETERS?
Maybe is good for jewelry project?
Since I make may grid lines each 0.05 mm? (And also a grid snap).

P.S. I did such a small grid after I was not able for more than hour to hack the Torus tool values for. And I needed it exact.

If you want to assemble your jewelry atom-by-atom, nanometers is your unit of choice :smile:

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LOL @menno - I’m afraid I might…
Astronomical Units are appealing as well…

Perfect. Thanks a bunch for the help guys!