How to set relative texture search paths

When I open my file on my other computer, the “Missing image files” dialog pops up, because the original full texture paths are not found. I’m aware that I can 'bulk replace" all textures at once and point to the other folder with the textures, but is there a way to prevent this and switch all textures to ‘relative’ to the Rhino scene?
Isn’t it true that Rhino will search all folders next or under the folder with the Rhino scene file automatically for textures when opening?
If so, how can I change the texture paths all at once (in other words, truncate all path information except the filename)?

yes, it works this way, does it at your end also? In any case, the original file path will remain in tact. If you already save your textures next to your Rhino files or in a subfolder where the Rhino file resides, I believe it should also find the textures without giving you the dialog when you open up that file on another computer, if you port the whole folder with textures with it.

As far as I know there is no relative file path option. If you happen to have a drive that each of your computers has access to then I would place textures there.