How to set joine rhinosurfaces in to grasshopper surface

I would like to set a joined rhinosurface into a grasshopper surface geometry but it’s not possible.

What can I do?

To set the surfaces seperatly as multiple surfaces into grasshopper does not lead to the the result I’m looking for.

Is there a way to set a joined Rhinosurface into Grasshopper to work on it?

joined rhinosurface = polysurface ----> try to use Brep


Thanks for your reply HS_Kim. However in the next step it asked for a surface and didn’t accept the Brep. Any further idea?

paneling works with a single surface. (and not at all with breps). That’s why it’s good to be explicit about what you want to do
have a read at this and focus on internalizing your geometry when you upload your file! :slight_smile: