How to set a dynamic camera anchor point and limit camera rotation

Is it possible to limit the rotation of the camera in the view window, as well as to set a dynamic camera snap point depending on the size of the model. so that the camera always returns to the position when the entire model is in the center of the window

Hello @Evgeni !

Via the viewer API you can restrict the rotation / zoom / position of the camera, here is an example on how to do that. Please note, only plans from Designer Plus onwards have access to the Viewer API, you can read more about that on our pricing page.

Regarding the reset of the camera position, please have a look at the settings Camera adjust and Camera revert which can be adjusted in the edit page of a model for each camera.

Camera adjust resets the position to the center of the model whenever you customize the scene through a parameter update.

Camera revert reverts the position of the camera whenever the interaction with the scene has stopped.

I hope this answers your question.

Cheers, Michael