Trackball Camera Controls

I am searching for camera settings to change the rotation behavior for my SD model to unlimited rotation. With the standard camera settings the X and Y rotation is stopped after 360°. From three.js I know that with “Trackball Control” the rotation will be unlimited. Is there any similar setting in SD?

You can activate autorotation in the model settings which will spin your model endlessly at specified speed.

See the API Reference for more camera settings:

Sorry. I did not explain it properly. I would like that the user can rotate manually without limitations. I would like to change the camera controls from default “orbit” to “trackball”.
Example: three.js examples
I already found the orthographic controls in your documentation as alternative to the default orbit controls:

This is not currently possible but we are working on a new version of the viewer which will come with more camera settings including your request.

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Thanks! Is the release date already defined?

Any change to find a way to create a 360 camera with the new API ?
Haven’t found anything here: api/api/src | Viewer
Thanks for helping !

Hello @pierreyves.jacques
by “360 Camera” do you mean a trackball camera as specified in the posts before?
If so, this is in our pipeline!
Cheers, Michael

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