How to Separate list Items and bake separately?

Hi Everyone,

So I’m using a basic script to generate a randomized pattern for an architectural facade. The output in the end is a gradient shader which I can’t bake the preview. So I can think of two options to get the 3 sets from the script, this is what I need help with. I need to bake the 3 sets of domains/colors separately so I can use it in my rhino file.

Option 1: get the list of numbers that are divided into 3 sets (0,1,3) and some how separate them as curves. then bake.
Option 2: Some how bake the curve/surface with the assigned color.

hopefully this makes sense

fibercementpanels_COLOR (55.6 KB)

Post file please.

Sure, I’ve inserted it below image above. Thanks

This could be more efficient, headed out the door, but should do.

Just push the button to bake.

Requires Elefront.

fibercementpanels_COLOR (66.4 KB)


Thanks Rickson, This does answer my question. Using this solution I’m able to bake the 3 sets of data individually. I’ll study the definition you sent so that I can understand whats happening and use this in the future.