How to separate inside curves from outline?

For a Voronoi pattern, I want to bake the outline and the inside curves to different layers. (2.9 KB)

Getting the outline is simple, by using Region Union. (green)

How do I get the inside curves?

Hint: Inside curves are double, i.e. the set of duplicate lines is exactly the inside.

(Doing it in Rhino, i.e. after baking, would be fine.)

I think I just found something interesting,

In this occasion of yours,all of those “inside curves” are actually "line"s. And those outside are arcs.If that’s true then it can be handy to sort them out .

tell me whether I’m right about this ok?

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Indeed – thanks for the discovery!

In Rhino, lines can be selected using _SelLine. How would one filter lines in Grasshopper?

Well this is probably neanderthal, but you can run all your curves through a line parameter component and then use the “clean tree” component to remove the null items… The line component will turn red, but you can just ignore that.

Otherwise a simple one line script in a vb, python or c# component could do it more elegantly.


Thanks for all suggestions!

Final result, just a little something for my bathroom: