How to select View Templates

trying to get as close as possible to Dynamo node:

I manage to get this working using these steps

but every time I open got this

I can that selection was not saved

is there better way to be able to select available ViewTemplate and save selection?

Hi @michaldengusiak ,

Keep in mind that ‘Value Set Picker’ is keeping a reference to the elements you select on the first step.

Could you please confirm the element you selected have the same UniqueId and is from the same document the second time you open that definition?

On the other hand if you like a kind of selector that works by name now you can do something like this, that will work on any document that has a view template with the preselected name.

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OK this is a nice workaround. I will adopt it,

ps. yes it was same Revit document
it works fine on the name apprach but not on Views as you can see on the video…

had to cut few times to meet 5MB GIF limit