How to select the first and last pairs of branches of a tree

20190618_modeloterritorial_paso a (789.2 KB) Hi!

I wanted to know if someone could help me with a problem im having. I want to select the first and last pairs of branches of a tree.

Thank you!

Your file is enormous (and unnecessary for this question) Here’s a general answer.

First and last (8.8 KB)

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Hi @candecicinelli ,
Could you clarify what you mean by

Do you want two pairs of branches (i.e. 4 branches in total) or actually just a single pair comprising first and last branch? If you do want two pairs, what constitutes each pair? (e.g. 1st pair comprises first two branches and 2nd pair comprises last two branches).


Yep. Per @Ethan’s code, below. Fun fact: the values in the ‘idx’ panel can be in any order but the panel after Branch will remain the same.

It´s the same that Ethan solution but i used your definition if you don´t understand what he said!

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thank you everyone! Sorry for the long definition or file, sometimes its hard to figure out what would be useful for a person that is unfamiliarized with the proceedure.