Trim first and last branch of nested branches?

Hey Guys,

Could find an answer to this a bit more complex trimming of first and last branches for nested branches?

I want to trim the branches highlighted in red.

Thank you for your help in advance!


Jonas Blazinskas

Partition List size 5, List item 0, -1

What if I have a variable sizes of lists in there?

Manipulate deconstructed paths a bit.
And you can always upload the file at no costs. :slight_smile:

Just thought it was so basic that there was no point to upload the file. What do you mean by manipulating the deconstructed paths. Preferably if there was a way to measure the length of how many branches contains in a branch. I could just then take those numbers and partition the lists. But how would you measure the branches?

What do you mean by “that there was no point to upload the file”? :wink:


Here we go I got it to the point where I have different sets of branches.They are a bit weird too as they got another empty branch in between now. What do you (8.9 KB)

What do you mean_I mean (11.0 KB)

Edit: Just set W input of Cull index to False.


Thanks brochacho!

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