How to select elements by scope-box?

I would like to select elements by the scope box, I have set it up in Revit ScopeBox for each building in this case B1

not sure why it does not work, - what am I missing?

seems like BoundingBox is not null…

So the “Scope Box” geometry is a series of lines. Grab the start points from those lines (it will give you all the 8 points of the box) and throw that into the filter component:


In addition
Is there a way to use ScopeBox for our current model but get all elements from Linked model?

See this

Query Elements is a document-aware component:

There is a post related to this here.

Is not strictly the same since ‘BoundingBox Filter’ filters using an Axis aligned bounding box and the scope-box may be rotated. (27.2 KB)