How to select Breps skipped during dwg export?

how can I select breps skipped during export to .dwg?
I need this to run Mesh command on those guys, and re export to .dwg again.

Hello -see if SelBadObjects rings up that many polysurfaces.


I have the same problem. Unfortunately, there is no bad objects. What can I do to find the missing element?

Hello - the long way would be to export half at a time to narrow it down. If you export all the breps and post a file with those or send to (with a link back here in your comments) , I’ll see if I can figure out which one is failing.


Hello from the future: Thanks but what is the short way?

Hehe. But seriously doesn´t Rhino know what objects have been skipped? If it´s able to count them it must be able to list them right? Or at least make copies and lay them over. Or put a “(!)” dot over them. With Rhino 8 leaning towards drafting shoudn´t this issue be addressed?

In any case have a good day and continue your awesome work :wink:


I have aso wondered why there is no way to select or see more detail on which brep is bad. Especially when its a large drawing with many components and nothing is flagged as bad by SelBadObjects.