How to select ALL details

is there a way to select all detail windows on a layout and set their disply modes the same ?
Its very tedious going through them all to set display modes


wow, that must be many details then!
Or tons of layouts… or you tire easily? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joke aside, as you understand I do not find it tedious at all, but here is my speedy workflow to do multiple layout modifications:

1: double click the detail.
2: set the display mode.

So now that the display mode it sat you can use Space, Enter or RMB to repeat setting the display mode:

1: double click the NEXT detail (you don’t need to close the active detail)
2: hit Spacebar (or enter or click RMB) to repeat setting the previously selected display mode.

3: Repeat for each detail.

And that’s it. Easy and fast. And then only after setting the last detail you double click outside the detail to close it.
So you don’t even need to close each detail.

It would be nice to have a default display mode setting here though:

I’ll add a wish-list item to make a SelDetail command.

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I guess there’d also need to be a SetDetailDisplayMode that will accept just a selection and not just an active detail.



I have a script for that. It’s part of detailstools script in this collection:

Can you add a wish for “set scale” for the details too?

I don’t have enough information to understand it yet.
Please describe the problem this would solve for you and how you envision it working.
We’ll try to poke holes in it so we understand.

This should be a new thread…