Layout bug: showSelectedInDetail resets SetobjectDisplayModes

when applying setObjectDisplaymode inside a detail view of a layout and the command ShowSelectedInDetail is run afterwards, on completion of the command the custom object display modes will be restored to default.

generally I hope there will be a more solid and user friendly implementation of the command (setobjectDisplamode) in the near future, which allows assignment across views/layouts.

I found some scripted approach here in the forum but it is not working in layouts.

We just worked on a set of Plans for an arch.competition where we combined Mesh, curve&hatch and surface data into a sinlge layout print exported via rasterizer @10000px+. the plans look amazing and I am very positively surprised how inside Rhino it is possible to “flatten” out such a combination of graphics. It feels a bit “freestyle” as there a re a lot of uncertainties one has to figure out in terms of how the elements interact with each other but you have a very powerful tool emerging… exclude from clipping plane, a must have for the next release :slight_smile: had to do some acrobatics to work around that one!


Hi Daniel- thanks, I see this.



Could you explain this one a bit more?