How to Scale/resize a Hole in polysurface

How do I change the size of a hole in a closed ploysurface object.
Currently I have to place a curv object at the hole center, delete the hole & make a new one centered on the temp object.
Tried using the solid points edit, but doesn’t enable resize.


I found a way to resize a the hole.

Turn on gumball
Select the hole in the object with ctrl-shft area selection.
I can either: Drag the x then y handles or click on the handle & enter a scale value.
I have to calculate the scale factor for the new size but that’s ok.

I notice in BoxEdit when I have the hole selected it reports the size of the polysurface object, not the selected hole.
Would be awesome if BoxEdit could effect changes to the selected “hole”.

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Good idea. I filed this as

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solidpton didn’t work for you? It should show one control point at both ends of the hole. If working in plan view of the psurf, select both ctrl points and scale2d from the center and hole will resize. Or should anyway.