How to render panels on vray

hi all,
im trying to render panels on vray but not sure how to make them read as panels and not as a wall. i extruded my elevation from autocad. any tips on how to make it realistic? do i have to fake the panels, offset them or move them individually? thank you. this is one rough render that i have and i have an image of the desired stone outcome i want. thank you!

insert gaps in between the panels - best is to use an offset towards the inside. extrude those offset panels, that way, when rendering, the gaps will be visible.

thank you for replying. i dont want to fake an offset as it might be interpeted as mortar. i tried using a normal map on vray but it wasnt that successful either. they are a lot of panels as well. any tips on how to play around with the panels in a way that doesnt make the file heavy? thank you

Not an architect or such. Will the Rhino Shutline function work here?

Perhaps Edge Softening? This function does not affect the original geometry, only rendering. I do not know what happens when combined with Vray, but Vray should have a similar function.