How to render gradient background in Rhino for Mac?

Hi, could someone please tell me how to render with a gradient background in Rhino for Mac?

I can create a gradient in Display Modes, but this doesn’t apply when it comes to rendering…

any help would be much appreciated


there might be other ways but here’s one… for starters, it requires making a gradient image in an outside application… i used pixelmator to make this one:

run the command _ViewportProperties and add the gradient image as wallpaper:

in Render Properties, select ‘use wallpaper’

example render that i spent a whole lot of time on ; )

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jeff! thank you !! thats a pretty neat work around

I don’t understand the problem. Display mode > Background > gradient 2 color works fine for me in rendered view.


now click the render button :wink:

Ah…(never use that)