How to remove unnecessary points? And other bugs

How to remove unnecessary points on the edges?
If I delete a point, then the edge is also deleted.


GIF 20.02.2020 20-09-47

I had to remove the points and edge with the face. ! _RepairSubD Now I’m trying to build new faces on this model using the bridge command. But it does not work

SubD.3dm (607.5 KB)

Now I’m trying to create faces with !_3DFace. But after ! _Join with smooth edge options , then the some other faces are deleted


Hi @leex
It’s really hard to tell what’s going on without the actual geometry. Post a file and I’m sure someone will take a look. Note, that when using 3DFace you can select Append in the prompt to attach the new faces directly to the existing sub-d.
HTH, Jakob

Hi Jakob

I attached geometry *.3dm in a two posts above

Hi @leex
Sorry - didn’t notice the attachment! Here’s a quick video showing 3DFace and Bridge - both should work. I’m not seeing any faces being deleted or any other strange things happening.
HTH, Jakob

Hello Jakob!
Thanks for the detailed answer.
I am surprised that you managed to apply the bridge.
What version of WIP are you using?

I use 7.0.20049.13225

@leex - same version here! :slight_smile:

It’s strange. My bridge does not work on this model.
This happened after WIP updating.
And what do you say about the removal of unnecessary points from my first post?

What are the pink icons?

My customized toolbar
Pictures by TS, but with SubD commands


Thanks, I added your vote to something I had on file about this issue