How to remove material from a layer

How can we remove a material from a layer it’s assigned to…? without deleting the material [or the layer]
Also it is not very clear how to remove material that is assigned to many objects…?
The material options allow to select the object which is great.
But then what…?

thanks a lot

Sorry, I missed the Serengeti/Mac tags first time round.

Under Windows you click on the material field in the Layers panel and assign the Default material in place of the one you want to remove (you cannot have a layer without any material, so Default is a close as you’ll get to None). Might that be how to do it on Mac too?

On Windows you display the Properties panel for the selected objects, select the Materials tab, then assign the Default Material, or assign Use Object Parent, or assign Use Layer Material. Again, might that be the same on Mac?


Thank you,
I also realized that some time after posting the question. [about having to assign some other material to objects]

Yet in the layer panel, once I assigned a material… I can find no way to clear that layer , Yes I can assign a different material, and the name changes.
But how to get it back to that original state [where there is no material assigned to the layer?

There is always a material assigned to a layer. Initially it is the Default Material.

thanks a lot
found it now.