Unable to remove materials from object

Along with the painfully slow material panel, it seems that it is impossible to remove a material from an object that has it applied directly rather than by layer.

For example, you have an object with material ‘A’ and you apply material ‘B’ to the layer it is on. There is no mechanism that I can find that allows me to set the object to use the layer material (B) rather than the applied material (A) or for that matter, remove material A entirely from the object.

Indeed, in this particular instance, I cannot even get around it by deleting the material entirely because it is not showing in the (awful) material panel.

A material applied “By Object” will always override any material assignment “By Layer”. That’s the hierarchy.

If you want your object to use the layer assignment, change it’s material assignment back to “By Layer”.

Hi @John_Brock

I’m aware of that principle but there seems to be no way to achieve that currently.


I’ll see if I can repeat it based on your description.

Thanks, maybe it is just that I haven’t discovered the right UI element to achieve this, but I’ve looked extensively.

It’s working as expected here.
I drew a box and a cylinder on the Default layer, then put the Perspective viewport into a Rendered working display mode:

Then I selected the box and assigned a red paint to the object:

Next I assigned a Blue plaster material to the Default layer both objects reside upon:

Last, I selected the box and changed it’s material assignment back to By Layer:

What are you doing differently?

I think it is this that is not working for me. I assume the triangle on the “use layer material” in the properties panel is supposed to offer some actions? For me it does nothing.

Select the box, click on it’s red paint material assignment, and select Use Layer Material.

The instructions are directly above that image.

@John_Brock Yes, but I think it doesn’t make sense to me because it isn’t working.

I guess we’re stuck until you get a license or start the eval and move to 6.17.
That said, I don’t recall this being a problem in any earlier build of V6 either.

I’ve never got that menu to work but I’ve just tried now on my MacBook Pro and it does.

The only thing that is different to normal is that I have not got my external monitor attached. @BrianJ was asking me to test a few things without it attached too which I’ll try as well.

It seems that this is a bug and likely one that is still relevant in the more recent RC for SR 17 etc as well.