How to recreate Zaha Hadids Carpet

Hey, I would like to know how the lines in Zaha Hadids carpets were created. I have tried a combination of tween curves and fillets, but nothing seem to become as smooth as her curves. Any insights?

From my understanding of her work, Zaha Hadid was heavily adopting automotive design techniques in her work. Now , knowing that blending shapes together is not trivial, I’m not so sure if they used a tool like GH for that, which is not very good at it. I guess they rather manually build that using a software like Alias. In the end it could also be just a well drawn vector image not using any 3d tool. If you know how reflections and blendings work, you can also draw that in 2d. That’s essentially what the average Automotive designer does on a daily base.

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they use MAYA for modeling and concept development. its flexible i have also used maya and 3ds they work perfect with curve its time consuming but you want to do something diff you will do it right