Help with Modeling Limp Curves by Zaha Hadid

Anyone knows how do modeling this one in rhino?

It’s by Zaha Hadid heydar aliyev center curves.

And, one more, this one:

It’s also by Zaha Serac Bench.

How can I do this models in Rhino?

Thanks guys.

most of her stuff seems like it starts with an outer shell shape then sliced up/transformed/modified from there…

are you new to rhino? or 3D modeling?

i mean, you can definitely draw stuff like hers in rhino… but how proficient are you with rhino in general?

@jeff_hammond Hey! So, I’m new into rhino, but I have a path on 3D modeling, especially in 3D max, but I can’t do complex form there, then I went to rhino.

I really wanna understand how she thinks trough the model, the modelling process, you know?

But answering your question, I know the commands and the form to modelling, but not everything in its world :blush:

Can you help me?

Look these:

See that loft on the sides? That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Do you know how process it into rhino?


ha… well, the problem isn’t so much “how to do it in rhino?” …it’s more about figuring out the underlaying formula… the design and not so much how it was drawn. (or whatever)

it could take months to really dissect one of these designs… i think the trick is to keep trying to dissect her stuff but along the way, find your own thing…

an exploratory go at the first pic… honestly, i’d have to do 5 more hack jobs then another 5 refined versions to really start getting it right…


i don’t know… it would take a real commitment… i don’t have the energy for it :wink:


Don’t say you don’t have that energy, because certainly you have :wink:

These images are by you? Because look, if they are, you simply got the idea and I don’t know could explain me how you did this?

You hit the point saying that I must seek my own way to modelling these complex forms and you’re completely right about that, I have the same point of view about this situation, however, I really want to know how to model that forms, the curves from Heydar and the lofting from her furniture. Based on you just shows up on these images, you got the curves from Heydar, so explain me, please. I tryed so hard into 3d max and I really want to star into rhino based on these ones.


Hi Fernando - I’d start with something like the attached file- Simple curves, TweenCurves and in this case Loft, but you’ll get the idea. I used History on the Tween and on the Loft. I suspect Grasshopper may be involved in Hadid’s examples as well.

SwoopyRidges.3dm (80.7 KB)



Thank you @pascal !

I think you hit the point!

you’d made the primary curves, and then used the tweencurves and then created the wave crossing the tweencurves, right? When you said used History, what you mean with that?

Thanks again!

Hi Fernando- I used History for TweenCurves - that means you can edit any of the three curves used in the two Tween operations and the intermediate curves will change accordingly. Since the loft through those curves also used History, editing any of the three inputs will also change the rippled surface - so you can ‘play’.

Another way to get these curves would be to tween 2d curves and project them onto two curves surfaces (thus avoiding the linear interpolation of TweenCurves) , then loft the results in a similar way.


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hi . nice topic. @
jeff_hammond tanks for ur guide but how did u make that . pls give a clue