How to properly sort mesh points for origami tesselation

Hi everyone,
I was trying to follow a tutorial on kangaroo folding.

But I cannot figure out how to sort the points of the origami herringbone tessellation shape for kangaroo; (39.4 KB)
Can anyone give me some ideas?

Hi @yhxbarking

I think for this an easier way to get the hinges is to find them by angle like this:
Origami (27.3 KB)

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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your help. This is very incredible short and easier way, save a lot of nodes. :smiley: (50.5 KB)

And I remember one of your kangaroo example ‘origami’ with similar approach to setup for the calculation. My later method is emulating your example to get the ‘mountain fold line’ but it results in huge amount of nodes. :joy:
In addition, both your solutions, this one and your example file, have several nodes to work on the hinges before putting them to calculate.

Are they used to select out the actually hinges in both case? sorry for my bad math …

Yes, the reason for those parts you highlight is to identify which hinges fold up and which fold down.

In the top one it can identify them by angle because for this specific pattern it happens that the diagonals can all be valleys, while the horizontals and vertical are all mountains.

In the second one it takes curves as input for the sets of mountain/valley folds and identifies the closest mesh edge to these curves, then culls the hinges so mountains fold with a positive angle and valleys with negative.

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I see. Both methods are very incredible, especially the vector one. Thanks for this teaching, very appreciated.

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