How to properly create surface from points

Hello everyone,
At university we’re being introduced to grasshopper. One of our firsts tasks is to replicate a natural scene, and I chose Lava flow. To do so, I estimated that the most similar effect to it is the Nudibranch Twirl which works with attractors. The problem is; I need to make a surface that seems to be “folded” (such as lava) with the obtained values from the twirl curves.

> How can I make a surface from the points on the curves generated by Twirl?

What am I doing wrong here?

Here’s the GH file as well:lava (23.2 KB)

I’d really appeciate your help here…

You have 2 lists of curves, then you get div pts (i.e. a tree) and feed the surf grid with these 2 trees? That doesn’t make any sense (at least to me).

Maybe you want something like this? (a random pt per div pt pair so to speak). Nothing to do with lava flow … but anyway. (24.0 KB)

Surface from points:
Flatten input points,
U = division count + 1

When you divide a curve by 50, you will get 51 points. -> u needs to be 51 not 50

It didn’t work as expected ): But thank you so much anyway!!!

Thank you so much for helping me!

But it worked, right? :smiley:

The attached makes some sense more(?) but you can achieve similar effects (at a fraction of computing time) using the Maelstrom morpth against the flat pts grid and some Z deviation due to attractors. (but … still the whole thingy is 1M miles away from a flowing lava effect) (16.4 KB)