How to Prepare Polysurface for Fabrication?


I am trying to unroll a facade surface I made in Grasshopper - this produces many surfaces when baked. I wanted to unroll it so I tried to select the baked geometry and set as Brep or Srf component to connect to Unroll command, but it asks for Surface Geometry to Reference in Rhino. I tried to join all the surfaces into one polysurface but all the surfaces explode into little components (i guess exploded?). I just want this surface to be unrolled with my pattern rather than the pattern getting unrolled for fabrication. Please help!
2019-04-27-2nd Try.3dm (42.6 KB)
2019-04-27-2nd (39.2 KB)

If there is nothing in the .3DM file no need to post it.

What sort of Fabrication? you have 1600 surfaces with no relation to each other.

I want to print it for laser cutting on a 3 mm thick paper/board. I know they don’t relate to each other - how can I make this surface one with those square openings?

Pull your curves to the surface and bake both, unrollsrfUV w/ curves or flowalongsurf should work.

There are many plugins that have unroll brep features including this.

2019-04-27-2nd (49.8 KB)

You might get away with this given your purpose:

uses kangaroo stripper/unroller

2019-04-27-2nd (53.4 KB)

unroll afterwards with the plug-ins or bake and use orient 3pt in rhino or something like that


Ok, so I think I need to rephrase my question: how can I subtract those square openings from the lofted surface? Because that’s the only way where all the pieces could stay together?

you mean you want to perforate the surface with the squares?

if that’s all you want then you can use trim solid - NOTE: it’ll take like a minute (I used the ‘unroll brep’ option from LunchBox just for fun at the end, I don’t think that’s how you’re unrolling)
2019-04-27-2nd Try (1).gh (44.9 KB)

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Thank you so much! :black_heart: