How to open Windows-Rhino WIP files?

Rhino WIP for Mac doesn’t open Windows WIP files. If there isn’t any other way, lets call it a wish.

Save the Win WIP files as V5… --Mitch

Sure but I’m usually on my Mac when I need this.

Rhino for Mac WIP is V5 file format and Rhino for Windows WIP is V6 file format. Mitch is correct, you have to save the newer file format to the older format so Mac can read it.

I’ve been dealing with one company who just upgraded to Windows Rhino V5 from V4, I have been having to save my files for them as V4 for years.

That is just the way it is, when on Windows Rhino save a copy as V5 so your Mac Rhino can open them.

Sure, I’m aware of Save as method but that way you can’t really share your work between Mac and Windows (what I do) unless you don’t use Rhino WIP for Windows. Hence a wish. Thanks anyway.

Well, you could make an alias: -SaveAs version=5 enter and assign that to the button or command you use to save on your win V6 machine. At least that way you are less likely to forget to save it out as V5.