How to open a jewelcad file in Rhino?

I got a problem, many of my clients send me jewelcad files.
I would like to know how can i open those jewelcad files in Rhino and how i can convert those jewelcad files in 3dm files?
Thank you.

From what I can tell, there are no plug-ins or services that can convert a jcd file to something that Rhino can read.

You will need to get your clients to export to STL. From what I read on their Technical Support page and other sites on the internet, that might be a bit tricky - see Q2 and Q14 on that page.

Apparently, @declan has some experience dealing with this file format and perhaps he can provide some further pointers.

Thanks for your help.
I will ask @wim.

sorry i will ask @declan

Hi Rebecca,

Yes it is a pain, and unfortunately there is no way to do it nicely. Your only option is to output an STL from JC. The thing is, JC generates the STL as a series of slices; not your normal “wrapped” stl. Here is what the JC folks told me:

You may use the “Cut in Slices” function in “Misc” menu and select “Also Output STL file” option. It is better to export it as STL binary so as to generate a data file in smaller size.

JewelCAD always slices objects along Z axis. You may rotate your design 90 degree so that X or Y-axis becomes Z-axis. Then, slice the design at resolution you use for NC machining (i.e. the amount you advance the cutter in X-axis (Y-axis) after the cutter has completed a section in Y-axis (X-axis)). This amount will usually be from 0.05 to 0.1mm. (You may type in your value instead of using the given value). You can open the STL in Rhino to check the quality of the surface.

Good Luck,


Hi Declan, (@declan)

I am having the same problem but the other way around. I have created a model in Rhino but my customer wants me to send them a jcd file. He doesn’t quite understand that I don’t have jewelcad so I am unable to create a jcd file. Is there any other file format that I can send him that he will be able to open in JewelCad.


Hi Steff,

I’m afraid I can’t give you an answer, as I don’t have jewelCAD either.
I’m guessing (?) that an STL might work? I’m sure someone will chime in,
or you could check the jewelCAD site to see if they list import formats.

@Rebecca_Taieb, @Steff_Wills

Jcad files iopened in rhino have troubles in most cases.
Required to use stl binary file.
Only seldom files with simple geometry have good meshes after opening. Really ocasionally.
Struggling with that too and searchin the answear how to fill the wholes, repair non-maniold and naked edges quickly.
Pls see below

you can repair manually the mesh, but it takes a lof of time. Really a lot (for me)
And this is easy file :smiley: heh
Sometimes is more easy to draw in rhino a design from scratch than repair that mesh. (if easy design)

if you have some idea what to do next, so would be great to hear from you.
stay in touch

Best regards

after an hour of playing with that thing
still mesh is opened

reduced mesh a lot and repaired a lot indeed.

Should be some quicker way to smooth and watertight the mesh

**1 hour of life for repair a file :slight_smile: **
our life time is important! cannot buy it

I go out now :sunglasses:

post any ideas

@Rebecca_Taieb @Steff_Wills
I did it !! haha
happy about that

checked with some other files too.
with simple files 10-15 minutes work. I can do now ready for printing quite quickly :smiley: :smiley:
smooth and blended sharp edges too.
everything is like waterflow :wink: so happy
thank you for beeing here

best regards

since today I sterted learn something about mesh.
mesh is interesting subject to think and apply. strong figure. 2 triangles become 2 rectangles. :slight_smile: I am just happy
2 points bocome a line, but a triangle - the figure with 3 points. Mesh basis.

maybe I start to study (some) maths :stuck_out_tongue: maybe
very late now , see you

ok not everything can be done like this

I wish rhinoceros has a tool for beautyfull repair polysurface and mesh. fast repair.
Or maybe there are quick tools in rhino and I don’t know how to use them :frowning: hm hm hm

The shape you showed in the first post looks easy enough to model in Rhino from scratch. Why not just bypass JewelCAD completely and not have to deal with problematic meshes in the first place?

you mean to repair meshes in rhino somehow?


How about if we have many jcad files. redrawing takes ime. maybe there is some way to rapair the mesh…
the problem starts with quantity of files and quickess of repair. Opening jcadfiles in rhino always causes issues.

I mean redrawing takes time :slight_smile:

Have you tried Microsoft’s online mesh repair service:



registered but files becomes in strange kind after export. tried last week.
forgot the name. stl/obj/slc needed. export gives different format.
dont know how to convert

does it work for you?

Hi everyone
There is a a way but a bit tricky. you have to export to .IGS from Jewelcad and open in Rhino. but it doesn’t give you a close surface… all surfaces are open and also cutters… it takes your time to close all surfaces and boolean.