How to export a Rhino file so it reads in CAD?

Hi. I have a Rhino File (5.5.3) (open mesh) that I converted from a 3D scan. I am trying to import into AutoCAD 2019. It comes out weird (I am no expert in using Rhino). What do I have to do the Rhino file to maintain its geometry? Thank you! Naomi

this is my Rhino open mesh file that I want to export into a 3D CAD file

Did you Export a .dwg, or .dxf file OUT of Rhino, and ended up having problems with that?

OR, have you been trying to feed a Rhino native .3dm file into AutoCAD directly.

I’m not 100% sure what file type you’ve been trying to import into AutoCAD. But as I see it… I think the best bet would be to Export an AutoCAD native file format OUT of Rhino, and then just OPEN it from within AutoCAD.

… in other words I wouldn’t expect that AutoCAD needs to import one of it’s own native file formats… it should read and open a .dwg or .dxf file directly.

I tried exporting the Rhino open mesh as a dwg. Then I tried importing that dwg into CAD. I also tried just opening it as a dwg. When I import it, I see nothing. When I open it on its own, the form is not coherent.

Is it because it’s an open mesh?

I’m really not sure… It’s been a long time since I’ve used AutoCAD… and even back then it was only for 2D line work.

I was wondering myself whether or not there is a better file format for Open Mesh models, something more modern or reliable but I’m just not sure.

I’ll try to look around for some info… I remember reading a thread here about exporting meshes out of Rhino, and that there was a command that can be used to clean things up a little bit… but because I don’t do this stuff I didn’t bookmark it, or commit it to memory.

Give it a little more time Someone else will have better info for you… and if I find something promissing myself I’ll add it into the discussion.

okay thanks!

What’s “weird” about it in AutoCAD?


AutoDESK has a program for cleaning up 3D scans. It looks like it’s geared towards 3D printing… but it might be useful tool to try.

It’s a free program… but you’re going to have to see which file format is best for exporting out of meshmixer, and importing into AutoCAD (meshmixer doesn’t export dwg, dxf)… but I’m sure AutoCAD will be able to import most, if not all of the options which are available.

AutoDESK Meshmixer…