How to move brep

I had a problem about move way about from curve point to offset point.
could you help me!

You can find the centre point at the end of your Brep, check the closest point to the curve using Curve Closest Point, place a vector between these two points and move it along this vector.

See below and attached for an example. (15.9 KB)

Thanks for reply to my question.
but, curves are not straight line and move a circle curface and also move a brep.

could you help me again!

It would be a lot easier to help if you can upload a portion of your GH file, internalising any data.

See the link below.

yes, I upload files and jpg.
really thanks for you.poles modifiy question.3dm (898.7 KB)
poles modifiy (47.7 KB)

Here you go. I think this is what you are looking for.

poles modifiy (48.1 KB)

I really appreciate to fix algorithm.
have a nive day!