How to move a mesh by dragging it

How do I drag the model to move it like in the video attached by Daniel Piker in the link below?(The second video)
I can imagine the person inflating (probably pressure in Kangaroo2), but there are a few things I can’t figure out.
(1) Why is the person standing instead of falling?
(2) Why is it possible to drag the mesh?

Please share how you can reproduce this. If you have made a similar program, I would like to see the GH file.

Use the grab component to move the vertices of the mesh by CTRL+Click&Drag and have some sort of constraint on the distances between the vertices of the mesh.

There’s actually no need to press anything on the keyboard - that was the case with older versions, but it hasn’t required that for a while now - when the Grab component is active you just left click and drag in the Rhino viewport.

@k.tsuku.14 - here’s that example (39.2 KB)
The ‘Grab’ component as Martyn says is the reason it is possible to drag them in the Rhino window.
They are standing because there’s a force pulling down on their feet and a small force pulling up on the tops of their heads.
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I’ve recently started using this site and am learning how to post.
I just opened the attached file, but I can’t use FloorFriction and SoftBodyCollide because I don’t have the latest version of kangaroo. Where can I get the latest version of Kangaroo?

If you update your Rhino to the latest service release of version 7, your kangaroo will also be automatically updated. (In Rhino under help>check for updates).

I am using Rhino 7. Should I just update Kangaroo?

No, you need to update Rhino (although you have version 7, there are regular Service Releases which include bug fixes and improvements, and it’s usually good to use a current version). Updating Rhino will automatically update Grasshopper/Kangaroo.

HI @danielpiker This algorithm is very interesting. I tried to add balls like Football? That, but the ball control is difficult and hardly shaken. Do you have a suggestion for the smooth movement parameters of the ball? (61.6 KB)

The characters have a downward force on a few points on their feet to keep them flat on the ground, and an upward force on their heads keeping them standing.
For the ball you’d just want a simple downward force on all points like this: (51.7 KB)
It’s not very easy to control as a game though!


Nothing on this forum has ever made me laugh as much as that video.


Its still funny


Still funny. I just come here once a year to remember how to grab a mesh and chuckle at this video :joy: