How would I model this?

I need to model a link of a chain that’s curved, any suggestions on how to go about this?


Model the centerline of the wire as a curve. One side can be modeled and then Mirror used to create the other side. Join the two sides together.

Use Pipe around the curve.

Wire link DC01.3dm (1.5 MB)

Thanks David!
How do I model the centerline of the wire? for some reason I can never model in the Z space.
What tools should I use for this?

And one other thing, how would i repeat this along to make a chain? Array?

For the example I worked first in top view, then in front view. Aids I used included Planar Mode, Grid Snap and Smart Tracks. I created lines and arcs, used Fillet to connect lines, and Extend to extend arcs with lines.

You might want to review:
Section 5 Accurate Modeling in the User’s Guide Rhino User's Guide
Modeling helpers and Precision modeling in the Level 1 Training Manual Rhinoceros Help

To make a straight chain I would make a copy of one link, rotate it and move it into position relative to the first link. See the construction layer in the attached file for how the amount of rotation was determine. ProjectToCplane and Perp Osnap were used in creating the construction curves. Then array with the appropriate spacing.

For a curved chain Flow with the Rigid option may be useful though getting the physics exactly correct is not trivial
ChainDC01.3dm (2.2 MB)


Amazing thanks!