How to Migrate UI, aliases, and plug-ins to another computer

Hey all. I apologize if the same question had been asked before, I did my search and didn’t find any so I will just ask away.

It is simple: I have to switch to working on a different computer, and I had a lot of customization done on my UI, set up a lot of aliases, and have many plug-ins for both Rhino and Grasshopper on my old computer. I would like to bring all these over to the new computer. Is there a way I could do that instead of having to re-set up everything and reinstall all plug-ins?

Thanks a lot!

For Rhino


For Grasshopper


Copy&paste all files in the two folders. These should help you migrate most of the content.

Hmm. That didn’t work for me. Any tips or alternatives?

Ok, I just figured that aliases can simply be exported as .txt from Rhino’s options panel and imported again. What about GH components though?

For Rhino:
Go to the Menu bar: Tools->Export Options… then export all to a file, move it into other computer then with the other Rhino Go to Menu: Tools->Import Options… select the file & import all.