How to merge two surfaces?


I am trying to merge two surfaces together completely (please see image).

So I mirrored this white surface to create this sort of X shape (mirrored surface in black), then I joined it and tried to ‘unrollsrf’. Since they werent originally drawn together, the join doesnt work, and still considers them two seperate surfaces.

Now I know that with this simple geometry I can just unroll the one side and mirror that aswell. But I am wondering how I can permanently merge two surfaces (for future situations)?


Hello - you’ll have to construct this differently, I think:

  1. DupEdge one of the long edges - to get a curve like what you see in Right.
  2. In the right view ProjectToCplane or use SetPt in World X to flatten the curve.
  3. Extude the curve through your existing parts.
  4. Join the two surfaces that you already have in place and then DupBorder
  5. Use the resulting curve to trim the extrusion from step 3.

@mbartolucci Does that get you what you want? (Assuming it is not just Join…)
MergeX.3dm (57.7 KB)