How to merge overlapping surfaces?

I have a series of hundreds surfaces that are overlapping that I need to merge into one single surface. Is there a way to do this without manually trimming each one first? Mergesrf doesnt work. Booleanunion doesnt work.

Hi Peter - please post a simple example.


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Attached. Youll see that Im trying to resolve the issue of separate surfaces overlapping each other. In an ideal world, Id love to be able to make all of the layer objects a single joined perfect plane (one for the path, one for grass elements, one for water elements, etc)… but since these are overlapping, Im not sure how to do it wihtout manually trimming. Help. I have a TON of these to do and would take me at least all day if not into tomorrow to do manually.
overlapping surfaces test.3dm (265.2 KB)

Hi Peter -



Ah I see now how this could work… interesting. Ok thank you Pascal. I will try this method!