Rhino Python merge and trim overlapping surfaces


I have a number of overlapping surfaces, created using a python script. I’d like to add to that script the ability to trim the surfaces and merge them together. Any advise on how to do that?

FOWT-3_0.3dm (81.5 KB)

Hi @AliLee,

Is this your intent?

FOWT-3_0_BooleanUnion_V7.3dm (134.1 KB)


Note, Rhino3dm does not contain Boolean operations. So you’ll eithere need to this from within Rhino or call a function a Rhino.Compute server.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Yes that’s exactly it, thanks for the right direction. Am I perhaps using the the Rhino API wrong, as many of the commands I wish to use in regular Rhino don’t seem to be in the API.

For reference, here is my code, where i’m trying to create the model. Ideally it would be best to not enter Rhino at all and create then mesh my model using the API.

Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. I have a good amount of experience with Python and have some old experience with Rhino but have never tried to use them both together before.

CreateBooleanUnion.py (2.6 KB)

Hi @dale,

Thanks for the pointer, I never knew there was a seperate rest API that allowed me to use the full Rhino functionality. I have now managed to do what I was looking to do and now can now work with computer_rhino3d as well.

I found this video very useful: Getting Started with compute.rhino3d for Python - YouTube