How to match the angles of a 3D model to a 2D (axonometric) drawing

I have a 2d axonometric drawing (which I don’t have in 3d) and want to match it with a 3d model using the 2d drawing tool.

How can I make it work? I was trying to 2d rotate the model and to rotate the view as well, but obviously this isnt accuarate at all. Any thoughts?

Thanks. P

one way would be to place a wall paper in your axonometric view (which is set to parallel) with the angles as shown in your superior view as reference, then you match it manually and save it as named view. just dont rotate your camera only pan with shift or zoom in an out after you are done. if its just for visual adaptation that should be precise enough.

you can also orient the camera to a surface and try to get there but i have not figured out yet how to be exact according to the corresponding angles needed. so for now just try the wallpaper and manual match method. you can also use shift for an axial rotation that may help you adjusting it better.

and what i am curious what is that, some soylent green machine?

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