How to match density with point divisions?

I would like for the points to match with the curvature graph divisions, how should I do this?

When I was playing around with coasters, I droped that component and used something like this

edit: with the internalized curve ! (14.2 KB)

These are some fantastic solutions, thank you all! Does anyone know how to make it so that the curvature measured is only being shown in the z-direction? I don’t want it to show the lateral curve radius on my coaster.

I would measure the length of the lines (or length of vectors)
And move the points on the original curve upward with those values… If I get your question right !

How do I go about measuring the length of the lines?

component called “length” (choose the right one)
then use “move” on the right points with a “z” component

(and connect the lengthes in the “z” component)