Fail Dividing Multi curves with a preset length

Hi everyone

I need help with this operation, I have any curves, all with the same size, but whe I use the component “Divide Length”, the division is not equal in all curves.

The correct result is 4 points for curve, but in any case, i have only 3 points.

Please help.

Thank you, and sorry my bad english.

That is for sure a tolerance issue. Just use divide curve instead of divide length if you know the amount of divisions you should have.

The curve length is a result of oher operation, and can change. And the length of each segment (the númber 3 in the picture) is a variable value, the 3 number is only like a example.

I need to use division length, how can I correct the tolerance issue??

Thank you

You can change Rhino’s document absolute tolerance. In Rhino type “Units” you will see the tolerances there. Then recompute the GH def.

If you always want to divide your curves into a whole number of segments, even if the amount of segments is variable, you should use Divide Curve, rather than Divide Length. Just calculate how many segments you want instead of how long they should be.

If you really need dividing by length, and there’s a risk the final division is near the end of the curve, I recommend lengthening the curves prior to division. Probably by a small percentage of the division length or possibly by a small constant.