Array extruded geometry on curve. I NEED HELP!

I need help, i’m pretty new to grasshopper and I am attempting to make the my panels which are currently arrayed on a flat plane (shown image 1) to array their start point along a curve parametrically. (shown image 2) to look more like image 3 . However I cannot do it, the panel objects dont seem to act as individual objects but rather a group! I will upload my script to see if theres anything i can do to make this work. I am trying to keep it as parametric as possible so when the curve changes id like the panels to move with it. Final (21.3 KB) image|628x499

this is one way, based on your nurbs curve, they keep their in-between distance and just move along Z following the curve

Final (18.4 KB)

Thankyou so much ! thats exactly what i needed! I appreciate the time.

if you want the curve to determine also their in-between spacing, this will distribute them along a curve completely:

Final (21.2 KB)