How to make this surface?

Hello people. Which steps show I follow to create a surface between these two functions (curves)? I’m a biginner, sorry for making this dumb question. Thank you¡

you could make a curve through each set of points(ex; connect a polyline component to each of your pt component outputs), and then input both polyline components into a loft component.

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I see… I’ll try it. Thank you very much¡

If you are just starting your Grasshopper learning, (and you haven’t seen it yet), I would highly recommend working through this:

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I’ll give it a try. Thak you very much. I also see it is avable in Spanish, as many words in Grasshopper are in English and, therefor, dificult for me to understand sometimes. Again, thank you so much¡

Yes, you can go directly to modelab’s site and download PDF versions in various languages here: (if the online version is not showing/translating correctly).

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You would do well to read this page:

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Thank you Joseph, every tip helps me. If i hadn’t discovered this forum, i probably wouldn’t have even started my project as it is quite difficult for me. Thank you¡

@joseorellano844 Have you done any modeling in Rhino before starting to use Grasshopper?

Unfortunately, never. I’m in my first year of architecture, and i have been asked to use this one in particular without a previous tutorial, but now i managed to solve almost all my problems