How to make this mesh model like image

I want to make the model like the image (Triremesh1 or Triremesh2) from the original shape, which is like one cylinder with one flat surface. I want to mesh smoothly like image.

They are found in the below website.


I would like to know how to make or what component is used.
Any comments are welcomed.
Thank you so much.


Something similar could be achieved by first constructing a simple base mesh from defining curves, subdividing and triangulating this mesh, and then relaxing it with the Kangaroo 2 physics solver.

This should give you a general idea about how to set something like this up. (251.3 KB)


Here would be another way

-make a mesh plane
-select a few faces (using Ctrl+Shift) and extrude them by dragging the dot on the gumball
-scale and move the control pts to get the taper/angle
-insert edge using type = ring, and add a few edge loops
-reference this into grasshopper for the final subdivision and triangulation (20.2 KB)


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I wanted it!
If possible, I want to ask another question.
Is it possible to do similar panelization to the below attached shape? The hole shape like egg is rotated.

Cylinder+Plane_210528.3dm (48.3 KB)

Thank you so much!! I will try to do Kangaroo physics.

Try the QuadRemesh command

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Thank you. I will try it.
I will make another thread If there are problems.

I’m not a mod, but typically it’s best to keep everything within one thread if it’s all related.

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