Create mesh from trimmed meshplane

Hey there, very new to grasshopper so please excuse my ignorance -

I’m trying to make a simple dome shaped gridshell. I cannot seem to create a mesh from this shape that I have created from trimming a meshplane with a circle. Any ideas? I’m sure it’s something simple that Ive missed.

Thank you! !

3.1.4 GRIDSHELL (11.8 KB)


I created sample .gh file but I think it is difficult because circle cannot keep accurate grid.
I hope you will find the document useful.

3.1.4 GRIDSHELL (26.1 KB)

Does this help? Instead of trimming, culling faces. (7.3 KB)

That’s very close to what I’m looking for, thank you so much! I’m surprised how difficult it is to construct a mesh from those points…


Thank you, but I need the form of the mesh to be a orthogonal grid… a sphere doesn’t work in this case :frowning: