How to make "Text Tag 3D" always display in the front?

Hello. I need to display 3D Text Tag always on the top of the other geometry. It works perfectly when I select the component. But in the other case the text is partially hidden behint the geometry (which makes actually sense).
May I ask for your help, please, to figure out, how to get it display always in front of everything by default? I tried various other possibilities like Elefront, Human or FabTools.
Setting transparency of other objects just doesn’t work.
Big thanks in advance!

SELECTED (desired display appearance)

NOT SELECTED (some parts of text tag are hidden)

You can use python to retrieve the location of the camera and its up-vector. Depending on which component you’re using, you might also want to align the text yourself and that can be done with the dot product of the up-vector and each Y-vector of the text location planes.

You can enable the timer for real time alignment. (17.3 KB)


Thanks, Martin, for this approach. It’s still a bit different function that what I need. The solution would be something like command “Bring to Front” in Rhino, which displays annotation over other geometry.

But I found one workaround. Not so “sexy” solution, because it can get buggy with cerain geometries. But the idea is to move text towards camera and scale the size proportionally, so it appears in front of everyting else.

Did you switch on the timer that updates the camera?

Also in case you read the explanation in my post above, it says the whole thing is dependent on the camera location… It works per viewport, given the timer is enabled. I’m clicking into a viewport and the Text Tag updates its orientation according to the camera of the viewport.

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