How to make rhino remember ctrl + z

For example. Lets say I draw a square and triangle on rhino file. I save it and close the file. After saving. I open my file and my square and triangle are there. Lets say I delete triangle and save the file and close it. After I open, there is only square on the file, because I delete triange and saved the file. But if I didnt save and close the file after I delete triangle, I cant use ctrl + z and get my triangle back. But its not possible if I delete the triangle, save and close the file. Is there a any way that makes rhino folders contain data for allowing ctrl + z to work after saving and closing?

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There is currently no way. Just like text editors, or any other program for that matter, once you close the work you lose the undo/redo history.

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If you have elements that you can see that you might want to get back, then move them to a hidden layer instead of deleting them. Use different layers for different categories if necessary to stop a layer getting too full. Export the layer contents to an archival file once a week and then delete the originals if you are really overloading things.

And you can use the incremental save feature at critical moments - like just before starting a major remodelling - so you can get back to a known point if things don’t pan out.

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Nathan, actually some programs do… Zbrush [for exsample] lets you save the undo stacks with the file. [not just one stuck for the whole file, but lots of individual stacks for each ‘part’/Layer…what they call SubTool]. so it is perhaps possible…?

I believe there were requests for this in the past.