Cannot Undo after save


I can undo, redo normally when I make a new file and do some stuff. But after save and close rhino and reopen the file, I can’t do undo. It seems like rhino saves only the last state.

What I expected

I can undo,redo normally after when the file is fully closed and reopened


I had no problem on window where I can find 3dmbak file. On mac, I can’t find it. I didn’t change any option after installing trial version(which means @@@@.Create3DMBackFiles is true as default setting) Is it the limit of trial version? Not sure…

Maybe I’m missing something here? Hope anyone can help me

Hello -

Undo is a runtime only stack, it is not saved in the file. You may want to use IncrementalSave from time to time.


Thanks for the help.

I can’t test with window version(It is installed at learning institution) right now so I’m not sure but I remembered that saved file can undo all the states(so that the instructor is able to check how the final output was made later) Is it only for windows version?

It seems like on my mac, @@@@.AutoSaveIncremental option is set as 20(default value)

Hello - I am not really sure what your question is, but Undo is not saved in any Rhino files, nor is the building process recorded in any way.
IncrementalSave is not the same as Autosave.


Ctrl + z and Ctrl + y for windows and
Command + z and Command + shift + z for the mac

Just a newbie question. Here is the scenario. Let’s say I’m a freelancer and finished one ring. After few weeks later, client requested a little bit of tweak to some parts. I opened the file finding that going back a few states and tweaking leads to fast final result. But it is impossible because rhino’s undo/redo is only for runtime? I can only work after the last state?(saved file’s state) sorry if it sounds so newbie

Just for my current need… is that I do some homework on my mac and show it to my instructor(move files via usb or google drive) and getting some feedbacks or ask questions about the part where I did some workarounds or failed to do it.
So It needs to be going all histories back so that instructor can check every step and give some feedback

Hi -


There is no such history that you can step through.

Oh, thanks for the clarification. Probably I was confused with some other thing